About JDS

Any design project can feel overwhelming without the right systems in place. The need to connect with your designer is key because it is such a personal journey with your brand.

Here at Jelly Design Studio (JDS), our mission is to design elevated brands that can evolve with the growth of your business. This is not a mission we take lightly, and we truly feel privileged whenever we are selected as part of your entrepreneurial journey.


Melissa Bandera

Founder, Designer and Developer

Growing up, Melissa knew she wanted to have her own creative business. She tried many things (baking cakes, selling jewelry, etc), but it wasn’t until she picked up a book on WordPress in 2012 that she fell in love - and it would completely change her life.

How in the world do you start reading a book about WordPress? Melissa had a company at the time selling wedding invitations, and she knew she needed an online presence. As she shared her website with friends and family, she started to get requests from blogger friends who needed help with their own websites.

This little spark lit the flame. With every design, she knew she was making a difference for the businesses she worked with.

In 2013, Her husband Nick gave her the encouragement to take the leap and say “goodbye” to that grayscale cubicle and focus all her time and attention on Jelly Design Studio.

Now, Melissa has a decade of experience in web design and development for small businesses, creative companies and boutiques. During any design project, she focuses on creating a collaborative experience so that her clients feel heard throughout the entire creative process. She specializes in WordPress, Shopify and Squarespace and focuses on creating an online presence and website her clients will love.

She has collaborated with fitness studios, lifestyle + fashion blogs, lactation consultants & doulas, fantasy & romance authors, and online boutiques — to just name a few!

Fun Facts

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Caramel Macchiato (and Pumpkin Spice in the fall!)

Current Obsession

Formula 1 (Started with Drive to Survive on Netflix)

Taylor Swift Album


Dream Vacation

Forks, WA (IYKYK)


Nick Heredia

Developer and Web Support

Nick has been helping Melissa during the busier seasons at Jelly Design Studio. Seeing Melissa’s workload, he often would ask how to help, and over the years, she started teaching him some WordPress and development skills. Watching YouTube tutorials and taking a few courses about WordPress and Squarespace made him a quick study.

For the past two years, he has increased productivity at JDS. He currently manages all the website maintenance clients and support tasks for ongoing clients in addition to the initial setup/development work for WordPress and Squarespace projects. He focuses on excellent communication, attention to detail, and learning more skills to make each design a success.

Fun Facts

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Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Latte

Current Obsession

Formula 1

Taylor Swift Album


Dream Vacation

Tokyo, Japan

Luna The Pup

Goodest Girl and Snack Tester

Even though she gets caught napping on the job, Luna is the official "Employee of the Month" every single month over at Jelly Design Studio. Occasionally you might find Luna making a special appearance during client meetings.

Fun Facts

Favorite Snack

Sweet Potato

Favorite Time

Lunch Time


Our Company Values

Helping Small Business Growth

We love working with small businesses - it is such an honor to know that what we offer is actually helpful to their future success. Helping small businesses and creatives build a website that will adapt and change along with their business as it grows is the best feeling.

Positivity and Client Experience

A positive client experience is at the heart of JDS. Any design project (especially a new website!) can feel incredibly overwhelming, but because we focus on making every interaction with our clients a positive experience, we are able to decrease anxiety and stress for our clients.

Continued Relationships

Focusing on our clients means that we build relationships with them that last well beyond the scope of their design project. Every client knows we are responsive to their questions and concerns because we truly care.

Learning and Creating

At JDS, we regularly invest into our own continuing education because we want to make sure we are offering the latest platforms, features, and technology. This allows us to continue creating websites that are not only well-designed, but function to the best of their ability for the unique businesses we partner with.