10 Best Shopify Apps in 2021

Shopify comes with a lot of pre-built features that are perfect for any online shop. Features such as digital gift cards, creating coupon codes, and email marketing features — just to name a few. But sometimes some shops need a little extra and that’s where the Shopify App Store comes in.

The Shopify App Stores offers an extensive list of extras that can be easily installed onto any Shopify account. What I love about it is that there are plenty of free options available for you to try out. Of course the App Store also has some premium options that charge a monthly fee, it just depends on your shop (and budget) if it’s worth the extra fee.

So today I wanted to share a few of my current favorite Shopify Apps. I usually try to stick with free options (because who doesn’t love free?!) — but a few options listed below do have fees. Let’s check them out!

Our Top 10 Favorite Shopify Apps in 2021

  1. Product Reviews
  2. Wishlist Hero
  3. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty
  4. Showcase
  5. Digital Downloads
  6. Bulk Image Edit – Image SEO
  7. Shopify Email
  8. ShopSync
  9. Messenger Chat
  10. Pinterest

Product Reviews

This app automatically creates a section underneath every product so that customers could leave product reviews. Including product reviews in your shop is a great way for shoppers to get some extra details about products in the shop.

Another great feature is that it helps with your shop’s SEO. The app adds SEO-friendly review scores that will appear in Google search results. And to make it even better — the app is free!

Wishlist Hero

With this feature customers can easily create a wishlist of items in your shop. The wishlist is then saved to their account and shoppers can easily share via email or social media. This app offers a free and premium version with some extra features.

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

This creates an easy to setup and manage reward program for your online shop. Shoppers can accumulate points with every purchase they make and earn little extra discounts. You can select the total of points for every reward level. This app offers a free and premium version with some extra features.


This app has a free and premium version available. We usually use their free version to integrate a shop’s Instagram feed into the new design. With the free version you have the option of including your Instagram feed or a hashtag feed and integrate it into the shop.

Digital Downloads

With the Digital Downloads app you can set up your shop to sell digital products. If you are looking for a way to sell printables, PDFs, or other files you can easily install this feature and start selling your digital files. This app is free for everyone.

Bulk Image Edit – Image SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important things that you need to consider for your website. This app allows you to easily add Alt tags to all of your product images and resize/compress image files. This app offers a free and premium version with some extra features.

Shopify Email

This is a new-ish feature (as of the time of writing this post) that Shopify has launched. With Shopify Email you can create beautiful email campaigns to send to your subscribers. This feature includes up to  2,500 emails per month — after that it’s $1 per 1,000 emails. Definitely one of the cheapest email platforms available at the moment. This app is free for everyone.

Want to learn more about Shopify Email? Make sure you read our Shopify Email vs MailChimp post.


Shopify now offers their own email marketing feature, but a lot of my clients prefer to use MailChimp. With ShopSync you can easily connect your subscriber list to MailChimp. It’s the perfect tool to automate your email marketing. This app is free for everyone.

Messenger Chat

Connect your shop to your Facebook page and allow customers on the website to send messages that you can easily reply to within Facebook Messenger. This app is free for everyone.


This app allows shops to easily upload your product catalog over to Pinterest and track the performance of those items on Pinterest.

I’m a big supporter of using Pinterest for any online shop. Pinterest is a visual search engine and you want to make sure that your products are shared on there. This app is free for everyone.

Shopify is always adding new apps to their marketplace and we are always testing them out to make sure we can offer some affordable solutions for our clients that need some of these extra features to boost their Shopify store.

Looking to get started with your very own online store or ready to give your current website a makeover? Check out our latest Shopify projects here or contact us to learn more.

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