10 Best WordPress Plugins in 2021

Today we are rounding up some of our favorite WordPress plugins (as of 2021).

What are plugins? A plugin is basically an “add-on” that can be installed to any WordPress website. It’s a way to add extra features that you need without having to do any complex coding. 

Plugins are great (we use them on all of our website projects!) but we would suggest limiting how many plugins your website is using. Overloading any website can cause some issues such as slowing down the website or causing conflicts with other features.

When installing a new plugin always make sure you have a recent backup of your website files on hand just to be on the safe side. Also, research the plugins you are installing — read reviews and make sure they come from a legitimate company.

Now let’s get to it! Most of these plugins are free to install and use. Some do offer a “premium” version which means you can purchase the license to get all the extra features.

Our Top 10 Favorite WordPress Plugins in 2021

  1. Wordfence
  2. Ninja Forms
  3. Yoast SEO
  4. UpdraftPlus
  5. MonsterInsights
  6. Redirection
  7. Social Warfare
  8. Insert Headers and Footers
  9. Memberpress
  10. WP Recipe Maker


This is the first thing I install on every single website that we work on. Wordfence is a security plugin that runs scans of your website files, notifies you when anyone is trying to login into your website, reminds you when plugins or themes need to be updated, and much more.

Ninja Forms

Whether you have a simple blog or a website for your business, you always want to make it easy for visitors to contact you directly through the website. Ninja Forms is a user-friendly contact form builder that will help you create and integrate all types of forms onto any page.

We love that you can easily add different types of fields such as checkboxes, radio buttons, and text fields. Create contact forms, custom order forms, client questionnaires, etc with this plugin. 

Yoast SEO

WordPress is built with SEO in mind, but an extra boost never hurts. With Yoast SEO you can easily update page titles, descriptions, and more. This feature will provide you with suggestions on how to improve your content’s layout to improve SEO along with plenty of other features.


With any website you want to make sure you have a backup of all your files and that is exactly what UpdraftPlus does. They offer a simple solution for backups and restoration. Backup files can be stored within your host, downloaded to your computer, and stored within your Google Drive or Dropbox.


Easily install your Google Analytics tracking code with the help of MonsterInsights. Once you install your tracking code you will be able to see all of your website stats over on your WordPress dashboard.

To see how easy it is to get started with Google Analytics and MonsterInsights check the Setting up Google Analytics on Your Website tutorial on the blog.


Broken links are truly the worst. To avoid visitors landing on a 404 Error page, you can easily use the Redirection plugin to create redirects for page urls that no longer exist on the website. And a nice bonus — you can track 404 Error on your website and help prevent them from happening again.

Social Warfare

Making your content shareable is definitely important which is why this plugin is so good. The free version offers ways to easily share your content without having to do any extra coding.

In this case, we do recommend the premium version of Social Warfare because of some of the great features that it includes. A favorite feature is how you can easily optimize your blog posts on social media by adding specific shareable images for Pinterest and Facebook along with customized descriptions.

Click here to purchase Social Warfare.

Insert Headers and Footers

Perfect for when you need to add a snippet of code to your website’s header or footer section. To avoid having to edit your WordPress theme, you can use this plugin which creates an easy to use section for adding any extra code. Perfect for installing your Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, or any extra script.


We keep seeing a lot of membership websites being built and love to recommend Memberpress. With this plugin you can upgrade your WordPress website and blog to become a full membership website where you can build out online courses and provide paid content for members.

This is a premium plugin so no free version is available.

WP Recipe Maker

Perfect for creating beautiful recipe cards to integrate within any blog post or page. This feature is easy to use and built with SEO in mind and recipe cards are all fully responsive. 

If you need a special feature on your website, you will most likely find a WordPress plugin that can help you make it happen. Just remember to always read the reviews and do you research when installing a new plugin on your WordPress website.

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