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Our curated resource library will help you learn more about WordPress, Shopify or Squarespace as well as the features they have to help your business evolve. If you are hoping to learn more about tips for website management, content creation or productivity, this is the place for you!

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Five Things Every Website Should Have

As a web designer and developer, I understand the importance of tailoring each website to meet the specific needs of a business. However, there are a few essential features that every website should have. These ...
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Quarterly Website Audit Checklist

When I first started working on the redesign for the JDS website, I realized that a lot of the service offerings and information on our website were a bit outdated. Even though I tell clients ...
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Create a Link in Bio Page Using Linkpop

One of the many things that I love about Shopify is how they are always coming out with new features that are helpful for any small business owner. Recently Shopify launched Linkpop.com for an easy ...
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Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

When working with clients and their website projects I always like to bring up the topic about blogging. Blogging for your business comes with tons of benefits that tend to be overlooked. The initial reaction ...
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Five Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

One of the hardest things as a small business owner (besides taxes!) is creating content that offers plenty of value for your audience for a number of different platforms. And let’s be honest – creating ...
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How to Add a New Blog Post in Shopify

For every website -- whether it's a service based business or an online shop, I always recommend including a blog within the website to help with search engine optimization. Now I know -- who has ...
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How to Add New Users in WordPress

Adding new users on WordPress is a really easy way to grant people on your team access to your website while limiting their access. For example, let’s say you have a VA that helps you ...
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How to Add a New Post in WordPress

WordPress can sometimes feel a bit intimidating with all its options and features -- but it really is an amazing platform that is so easy to use. Today I wanted to show you how you ...
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Creating Quality Content for Your Blog

Blogging is a great way to generate traffic and leads for your websites, but what and how we blog is an important part of the puzzle. In our previous blog post, Benefits of Blogging for ...
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Shopify vs MailChimp: Email Marketing Comparison

Email marketing should be an important part of your business’s marketing strategy. Creating a solid list of email subscribers comes with so many benefits for your brand. With a growing list of subscribers you are ...
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Categories and Tags on WordPress: How to Use Them

As you create new content for your blog over on Wordpress you want to make sure you keep things organized to create a user-friendly experience for your readers. It will also help you keep your ...
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10 Best Shopify Apps in 2021

Shopify comes with a lot of pre-built features that are perfect for any online shop. Features such as digital gift cards, creating coupon codes, and email marketing features -- just to name a few. But ...
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