Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

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When working with clients and their website projects I always like to bring up the topic about blogging. Blogging for your business comes with tons of benefits that tend to be overlooked. The initial reaction I get from clients is “I don’t have time to blog” – and I get that.

I will say that blogging does take time but the investment is 100% worth it. The best part is that you don’t have to fill your blog with years worth of content all at once. It can be done at your pace and has so many beneficial results.

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So let’s chat about some of the benefits of blogging for your business.

1. Increase Your Website’s SEO and Traffic

I consider this to be the #1 reason why every business should have a blog. When you start blogging for your business you start to add content to your website that will help with your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) and start to bring in more traffic.

It is important that you focus on creating content that provides value to your audience. Focus on creating blog content that someone interested in your services or products will find.

Whenever I write out a blog post I like to use this checklist from Yoast: 10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post.

2. Showcase Your Knowledge

Create blog posts that feature the knowledge you have within your industry. This will help build trust and credibility with your audience – which is a major win.

Sell organic and clean body care products? Share the benefits of the organic products you use and how they will benefit your customers.

Do you offer social media management services? Share helpful tutorials on how your audience can organize their social media calendar every quarter.

This works well for both service or product based businesses and adds so much value to your brand.

3. Have “built-in” answers for FAQs

A lot of the content that you find on the JDS Blog is inspired by questions that I’ve gotten from potential and current clients. I started seeing a pattern in some questions that I would receive so I created detailed posts with that information.

This is beneficial because people are searching these questions and finding my content through their Google searches – but also a perfect way to reply to questions that I receive in my inbox.

Just the other day a potential client was asking about and so I was able to send her this post with details on both platforms.

4. Feature Case Studies and/or Benefits

Testimonials and reviews are always something that I tell clients to add on their website – but you can go a step further by featuring case studies on your blog.

With case studies you can highlight the process on how you found a solution for your client/customer’s issue. People like to read the “before and after” and see the benefits that your service/product brings to the table.

5. Repurpose Blog Content

Before I started blogging for my business, I always worried that I would be “wasting” my time because my website wasn’t getting a lot of traffic. What would be the purpose of writing out these long WordPress tutorials if they are just going to sit in my blog?

Besides all the benefits that we covered above (especially how it increased your website traffic) – you can think of blogging as the first step in developing content for different platforms.

Each blog post you create can then be turned into content for your Instagram feed, YouTube channel, Pinterest and so much more.

Just take a look at my YouTube channel. A lot of the tutorials on there can be found within the blog. I first started with writing out the full tutorial and then quickly converted that into a script and recorded the steps.

Need some inspiration? Make sure to check out our latest blog post: Five Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content. On there we share some tips on how you can turn your amazing blog post into so much more.

Ready to start blogging for your business?

Keep in mind that blogging doesn’t need to feel stressful or overwhelming. When it comes to blogging, quality over quantity is key. Take your time creating blog posts that bring value to your readers and your brand. As time goes you will see that blogging only gets easier.

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