Five Productive Tasks to Tackle During a Slow Season

We’ve all been there and have dealt with the dreaded slow season. This is incredibly stressful during your first few years of business when you are still learning the trends and understanding the flow of things. But the reality is that it happens to all businesses.

In the early years of my business, I started seeing a pattern that the start of summer slowed down a bit, especially after the rush that happens during the earlier months of the year. It’s easy to start spiraling into panic mode – but a slow month or two throughout the year is common.

Instead of just stressing, I realized this was the time to catch up on some backend business things, invest in developing my skills, and audit my processes.

Today I want to share five productive tasks to tackle during a slow season. Let’s jump right in!

1. Invest in Professional Development

Remember that webinar, workshop, or online course you’ve been talking about? Well, it’s time to take it! I love using this time to further develop my skills and learn new systems and methods to improve my business.

Whether you purchase a course or watch tutorials on YouTube (I’ve learned more on YouTube than I did in 4 years of college ?) – this is the time you can sharpen those skills. 

For me, every time I’ve taken the time to learn a new skill – it’s been such a game-changer. I remember during a slow season I learned how to edit videos and started creating video tutorials to share on the YouTube channel.

2. Review Your Business Strategy

Like everything in life – a business is constantly evolving. When I first started Jelly Design Studio I only offered custom WordPress websites. Eventually, I started adding more services (such as Shopify and Squarespace website design) which led to the current evolution of the business.

Take this time to sit and evaluate your business strategy and goals. This will help you understand the direction the business is headed in, what improvements you can make to achieve your goals, and how to position yourself for greater success in the future.

3. Update Your Website

I design and develop websites – but even with this being what I specialize in, there has been plenty of times when I don’t update my portfolio for almost a year. For obvious reasons, this is never a good thing. ?

I now have time scheduled to do a quarterly website audit, but for the more extensive updates I take advantage of a slow season and work on those tweaks. Things as simple as adding new content, updating your portfolio, or rewriting some of your service offerings can improve your website’s SEO and strategy.

4. Update Your Systems

Whether you have a team or work on your own, having systems in place can make a difference in your productivity. That new bookkeeping software you were thinking of migrating to? The email templates you wanted to create for client inquiries? The automated onboarding process for new clients? This is the time.

Use this time to research and set up those new systems/apps that can help improve your productivity. This way, when your workflow starts to increase again, you are ready for it.

5. Create Compelling Content

This is a BIG one. Creating quality content takes TIME but it has many advantages. Whenever I’m discussing the importance of blogging with a client, I hear the same excuse – “I don’t have time”. And I get it because that is usually the same excuse that comes out of my mouth whenever I think about creating blog posts or other content.

But the reality is that having quality content (such as blog posts, YouTube videos, or podcasts) is a major bonus for your online presence. This positions you as an authority in your field/industry.

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Ready to embrace a slower season?

Remember that a slow season is a common occurrence for ANY business. Just like everything in life, there are moments of ups and downs. So let’s skip going into full panic mode and instead use this season to invest time into tasks that will help improve your business strategy, productivity, and your skill set.

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