How to Manage Staff in Shopify

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Adding staff members (or users) to your Shopify account is helpful when you have multiple people needing access to your Shopify account. When you add a new user you can select the level of permission that you want to grant them and you then can also easily deactivate their account when they no longer need access to the shop.

For example, if you have someone on your team that only needs access to processing orders or managing your products — you can just grant them access to those sections with their very own login. This way it keeps things more secure for your shop.

Check out our step-by-step tutorial showing you how you can easily manage your staff members on Shopify. Video not your thing? Scroll down and read our full tutorial.

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Add a New Staff Account in Shopify

On your Shopify dashboard to go Settings >> then select User and permissions.

Click on Add Staff >> here you will enter their name and email address.

Next we want to select the level of permission. This section is broken down into 3 parts — General, Online Store, Administration. To see what each setting grants access to you can see this list offered by Shopify.

Select what access you want to grant the new user by clicking on the different items. You can click Select All and this will give the user full access to the shop. Keep in mind that with full access they can add new users, view billing information, make changes to your design — basically all the same options that the main user account has.

Once done, select Send Invite. This will send the new user an email notifying them about the new account. Make sure they click on the email and create an account within 7 days of sending the invite.

Creating the Staff Account (done by the new user)

This is the part that the new user needs to do on their end.

Once they get the email notification they will click on the Create staff account button within that email. This will take them to the Shopify login page where they can create their account.

When the account is created you will be notified via email.

Edit Staff Permission

You always have the option of going back to any staff members account and updating their permissions — whether it’s adding or removing options.

On your Shopify dashboard to go Settings >> then select User and permissions.

To make edits to any user you will just select their name within the Staff section >> scroll down to the Permissions section and check or uncheck the different permission settings.

Make sure to save your changes.

Removing Staff Members from your Account

When you need to remove staff members from your account you can easily do this with just a few clicks.

On your Shopify dashboard to go Settings >> then select User and permissions.

Within the Staff section, click on the staff member you want to remove.

Scroll down within this page to the Manage staff access and either Suspend Access or completely Remove them from your account.

When you Suspend Access, this means that the user’s account will no longer allow them to access your shop, but you can easily bring back their account at any given point. For example, this can be used for seasonal employees.

Selecting the Remove option means that their account will be deleted. This would be used in the case of a user that no longer works with you.

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