Five Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

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One of the hardest things as a small business owner (besides taxes!) is creating content that offers plenty of value for your audience for a number of different platforms. And let’s be honest – creating content always takes time.

Many of us wear plenty of hats when it comes to running a business so it’s important that when we do something – it’s worth the time and effort. Spending hours each week on developing content isn’t something that many of us have the extra time for. That’s where repurposing your blog content comes into play.

In case you missed my previous post – I shared 5 benefits of blogging for your business and why you should start today. So now let’s cover how we can get that blog content and create additional content to share on different platforms. Major time saver that will yield plenty of extra content for you to share with your audience.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Share your blog content via social media

Creating content for social media can sometimes feel a bit intimidating. Just with Instagram alone we have regular posts, stories, and reels. This is where your blog content can come in.

For example, I shared a blog post with some tips on how to manage your inbox. I then got that same content and created a simple graphic featuring these tips for Instagram. I didn’t have to write anything new – it was all there. All it took was a few minutes of editing graphics.

You can easily do the same for your Instagram Stories + Reels, TikToks, and Facebook posts.

2. Share via your newsletter

For a few years now I’ve been wanting to start a newsletter but would always hold off on it because I didn’t have the time to create special content that was exclusive only to my newsletter subscribers.

At the start of 2022 I realized that I have so much useful content to share sitting in my blog that people subscribed to my newsletter might not be aware of. So that’s when the JDS Coffee Break was born.

In my most recent newsletter I talked about what productivity means to me. To go along with my musings on this subject I included links to some of my previous blog posts that talk about tools we use for productivity or how to prepare for a productive meeting.

This way anyone that reads my newsletter can still read something new along with content I’ve shared on the blog that they might not be aware of.

3. Turn your content into videos

Video content is coming in hot and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Whether it’s for TikTok/Reels, Pinterest or on YouTube — video content is becoming a priority. The good news is that you can turn just about any blog post into a video.

Have “how-to” tutorials on the blog? Create a video featuring each step – you can then upload the video on YouTube and embed it in your blog post.

Have blog posts detailing the benefits of a product that you sell? Create a video with the same information and upload it into IGTV.

You can even create videos now using Canva – and take advantage of their stock video clips and easy to use animations. And remember that video doesn’t have to be long – as long as the video offers some kind of value to your audience you’ll be on the right track.

4. Create freebies for your email subscribers

A good way to get your audience to engage with you is by offering freebies that can be beneficial to them. You can easily repurpose your blog content into some type of free offer for your audience.

For example, let’s say you are a podcast manager and on your blog you have a post discussing tips on creating the right setting for recording podcast episodes. You can repurpose that content and create a checklist highlighting these tips and few additional steps they can take for the best recording session. Use that freebie as an incentive for people to subscribe to your email list.

Another way to offer a freebie is via social media. Share the freebie on an Instagram story so your audience can DM for access – giving you a way to start a conversation with them.

5. Use this content in client onboarding packets

This method of repurposing content works best for service based businesses. If you have an onboarding packet that you send to a new client, include some of the information that you have already created for your blog posts.

For example, when working on e-commerce projects I always send my onboarding packet that includes some exclusive video tutorials on how to use certain features that Shopify offers. Along with the exclusive content, I also send some additional tutorials that can be found on the blog. This way they have all the resources they need to manage their Shopify store in one place.

Don’t forget!

It’s important to remember that your audience isn’t always following all of your different platforms for sharing content. Your newsletter subscribers might not all be subscribed to your YouTube channel – or your Instagram followers might now be aware of when you publish a new blog post. So don’t be afraid to reshare the amazing content you create for your blog on different platforms.

We hope these 5 ways to repurpose your blog content has inspired you to start reusing your blog content.

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