How to Create a URL Redirect in Shopify

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With any online shop — there are a lot of pages, collections, and products that are constantly being updated, changed, or removed. Removing certain items can cause your shop to have a lot of 404 errors. This basically means that people are visiting broken links.

And no one likes that.

Selecting a link to only find that you get an error causes visitors to exit out of your shop as its a bit of an inconvenience. But there is an easy fix!

Anytime that you remove any page, collection, or URL you can easily create a redirect that will allow that old URL to take visitors to the new page.

Check out our step-by-step tutorial showing you how you can easily create a URL redirect on Shopify. Video not your thing? Scroll down and read our full tutorial.

Setting up a URL Redirect

1. Go to the URL that is no longer working on your website and copy the URL. We will need this to setup the redirect.

2. On your Shopify dashboard go to Online Store >> and then click on Navigation. On the upper right hand side select View URL redirects >> then select Create URL redirect.

3. In the Redirect from section, paste the old URL that you copied.

Shopify dashboard section for URL redirects
Create a URL Redirect in Shopify

4. Next we are going to select where we want this old URL to redirect us to. In the Redirect to section we are going to enter the new URL.

5. Select Save redirect. It’s very important to always test your redirection. Go back to the page with the 404 error and refresh. You should now be redirected.

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