Why You Should Use Shopify for Your E-commerce Website

One of the first questions I get during a discovery call with a potential client is what platform they should use for their new (or current) online boutique or e-commerce. Our go-to recommendation for most e-commerce is Shopify, a platform exclusively built with shops in mind.

For websites that don’t require an e-commerce feature, our recommendation changes to WordPress instead. You can read our detailed post titled Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website.

I love to use Shopify for many reasons, and today I’ll share a few of my top reasons why I use Shopify for our e-commerce projects. Shopify is perfect for brick-and-mortar shops looking for an easy way to expand into online sales or anyone looking to sell their products online. 

Side Note: If you are currently using Etsy and thinking about switching to Shopify — make sure to check out our “Etsy vs Shopify: Which One Should You Use” article comparing both options.

But first — what is Shopify? Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to get started with your online shop. Shopify offers built-in tools within their platform for anyone looking to start selling online.

Let’s dive in and chat about what it offers and some benefits that I love! Here are my top 8 reasons you should use Shopify for your online boutique/shop.

1. Shopify platform is built exclusively for e-commerce

There are tons of options out there to add-on an e-commerce feature to your website — platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix have these features available. These add-on options come with some limitations (such as Squarespace) or can be a bit too technical for most users (WordPress).

One of our favorite things about Shopify is that it’s specifically built for online shops. This means that the platform has all the features that most online shops need, while also making their backend very user-friendly.

2. Easy to use dashboard and backend for shop owners

This is a major perk of using Shopify. As it’s built with e-commerce in mind — their dashboard and backend are also built this way too! The Shopify dashboard is very user-friendly and doesn’t require any technical knowledge — which all of our clients LOVE.

Whether it’s adding new products to your shop, processing orders, or making shop updates — you will be able to easily manage this. This means you have full control over your online shop. Shopify also provides plenty of tutorials and documentation over on their support page.

We also have some Shopify tutorials which you can find on the JDS Blog — and as a perk to our clients, we always provide custom tutorials. Who doesn’t love a little extra help, right?

3. An affordable e-commerce platform

Shopify offers their Basic Shopify plan at $29.99 a month. This includes all of their e-commerce features such as unlimited products, gift cards, inventory management and more. For most of our boutique/e-commerce clients the Basic Shopify plan has everything they need.

This is a great price, especially compared to Squarespace, which offers their e-commerce plan starting at $35 per month.

To learn more, visit Shopify to see their plans and fees.

4. A secure online shop for you and your customers

This is an important one! For any website — especially one that processes payment information — you want to make sure you are running a secure website that lets you customers feel confident about shopping with you.

With every Shopify plan — your domain will be given a SSL certificate, reliable (and safe!) hosting, and a secure shopping cart to process payments.

Shopify is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure. This means that all the sensitive customer information processed via your shop will remain secure. 

5. Built-in SEO features in Shopify

Shopify comes with built-in SEO (search engine optimization) tools to help improve your website’s SEO and search engine ranking.

When adding new products, pages, blog posts, or collections to your shop — Shopify offers the option to easily  customize your title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs.

Other options such as editing the alt text for images and auto generated Sitemaps are included as well.

6. Shopify POS for in-person locations

Shopify not only offers solutions for e-commerce, but for your physical location as well. With the Shopify POS, you can organize your shop’s inventory along with your online inventory and process payments in your shop.

This is such a time saver for so many of our clients that have physical locations and an online shop. All their inventory and payments come from one place and of course with all the security that Shopify offers.

7. Ability to fully customize your online shop

With Shopify you can create your account and start selling online right away without any hassle. You can use some of their pre-designed themes for a quick setup.

You also have the option of customizing your design or working with a web designer/developer to create a custom look for your store.

We love to work with boutiques and other online shops to create a fully customized look to showcase their brand and products. Check out some of our latest Shopify design projects.

8. Ease of growing your online store

Every business evolves over time so it’s always important to use a platform that will allow you to grow and shift as your business changes — and that is exactly what Shopify is all about.

Shopify offers options for shops that start to sell wholesale, capabilities for managing large inventory as you grow, or if you are looking to expand into other sales channels (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

With Shopify you have control over how you grow your online store and with the help of their tech support or apps from the Shopify App store — you can always find a feature that helps your business grow.

Are you ready to get started with Shopify?

If you were on the fence regarding what e-commerce platform you should be using, we hope that this post was helpful! And if you are looking to get started with your very own online shop — then feel free to contact us to learn about our Custom Shopify Design Packages.

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